About Cap.TAble

Cap. Table Management Software for Israeli Private Companies

The Cap.TAble system is the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's advanced capital management platform for Israeli private companies, offered as part of a strategic move aimed to strengthen TASE's relationship with Israeli growth companies. The system enables management of all types of stocks and options, as well as the distribution of investors at the company, all in a computerized, secure and accurate manner.

TASE's stability combined with the advantages of the advanced capital management system create an optimal solution for entrepreneurs, stockholders, attorneys, financial managers and accountants handling the financial aspect of the company.

The new service for private companies is part of TASE's strategy designed to support the growth of private companies through the various stages of capital-raising.

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – the Home Field of Capital Raisers

Billions of Shekels are daily passed among private and institutional investors who trade in the companies listed on TASE – the "Home Field" of capital raisers in Israel. They have the benefit of advanced trading and clearing systems, and of the stability and security of TASE, which plays a key role in the Israeli economy and is an important contributor to its growth. For investors and for issued companies, TASE is a state of the art virtual trading arena for the purchase and sale of securities. To continue reading, click here.

Cap.TAble – One Solution for Capital Management

Capital management is one of the most sensitive aspects of the financial conduct of companies and the Cap.TAble system is the perfect solution for the capital management of businesses from the formative stages up to the exit stage. The Cap.TAble system enables private companies to manage their capital independently, in a computerized and accurate manner.

Cap.TAble is suitable for growing companies and private companies such as startup companies, law firms, accounting firms, venture capital funds, trust companies and financial management companies that manage various types of company capital with diverse shareholders.

The monthly usage fee also includes support services (helpdesk) by TASE, thereby providing users with the necessary tools to enhance the company's operation and its growth.

Cap.TAble ensures that the Company's share capital is always accurate and up-to-date, by means of a platform that is convenient to use, secure and has cloud backup. To continue reading, click here.