Cap.TAble lets you work smarter, not harder


Make your important decisions with a clear picture of equity ownership

You need to get a handle on who owns what, and the impact of major decisions like funding rounds, exit strategies, or giving options to co-founders.

You need to know all of your details are in place – and you certainly don’t want a dispute.

With Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

  • Gain clarity around your founders’ stock, option pool and convertible notes to better evaluate future scenarios.
  • Instantly see a visual of who is entitled to what stock, and where the money would flow.
  • Prepare from the start for future growth – prevent small problems from snowballing into liabilities as you expand your employee base.
  • Ensure you can keep key talent – easily pull together the ammunition you need for board approval to increase your incentive stock option (ISO) pool.

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  • Get complete, accurate and up-to-date information on your stock options – summaries and details.
  • Built-in workflows and digital signature capabilities ensure complete confidentiality and make sure that no option grant is left behind.
  • Easily generate reports for board meetings, so you’re ready for any questions.
  • Run liquidation scenarios, to get a clear picture before making any major decisions.


Keep your cap table accurate and up-to-date

You can’t afford to manage your stock options by spreadsheet. With employees coming and going, it’s impossible to keep up with who has what options at what strike price – and it’s too easy to fall behind on the paperwork for employee grants.

It’s hard to keep everything confidential, with faxes coming in at all hours. The complexity only gets worse with every funding round. You need to be able to give the board accurate, complete data on your option pool, and there are just too many potential points of failure.

With Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

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Stock Plan Administrators

Manage complex cap tables and option workflow

You’ve built a killer spreadsheet to manage all of your options and your cap table, but your company’s ownership data gets more and more complex by the day.

With all of the people that need to have access – executives, HR, legal, investors – it opens the door for version-control nightmares. It’s time you bring the most current thinking and technology to your organization.

With Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

  • Go beyond the limitations of spreadsheets and master the most modern techniques.
  • Never hit limits as your cap table grows more complex. Track preferred, common, non-quals vs ISOs, vested, non-vested, secondary sales, convertible notes, multiple closing dates, flexible vesting schedules, stock splits, versioning, automatic emails to the trustees of the grant documents. Report on individual grants, weighted share calculations, complete waterfall analysis, what-if analysis, specific time periods and more.
  • Control your cap table and options data in a common system, and easily export data whenever you need.
  • Manage workflow and flag issues based on vesting schedules, grant amounts or strike price.
  • Keep it all under control – down to the last vested employee option or angel investor's liquidation preference.

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  • Manage compensation planning and generate grant documents.
  • Use built-in workflows and electronic signatures to track, process and file grants.
  • Determine your “holding power” to retain key people, based on the amount of equity they hold and their vesting status.

Human Resources Executives

Never lose option grant paperwork again

Every time you hire someone, it’s a nightmare to keep track of their option grants. Did they get their paperwork? Did they sign it? Did it go to the board? It all wastes so much time.

With Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

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Can you trust the data? Before each board meeting, you scramble to get the information you need, but can you ever be sure you’ve accounted for every ownership stake?

If an employee is promised options at one strike price, but the price went up before it was brought to the board, you could be in for a major dispute. And if you aren’t confident in the liquidation scenarios you run, you may not get the best deal in your next funding round.

With Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

  • Get quick access to the data your management and board need to drive decisions.
  • Use built-in workflows to ensure that employees sign their agreements on time, and keep them all on file.
  • Reduce the risk of disputes, because no grant is left behind.

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  • Gain immediate access to the data, history, and reports you need, without having to chase people down to send them.
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of mistakes when running liquidation scenarios..


Run accurate liquidation scenarios

You’ve no doubt seen an appalling lack of organization at some portfolio companies. When you finally do chase someone down to send over cap tables, are you sure the data is accurate?

You can’t afford errors when you run liquidation scenarios. If your portfolio companies use Cap.TAble, there’s a new option.

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