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Cap. Table Management Solution for Israeli Private Companies

Keep your cap. table accurate and up-to-date, with a complete solution for ownership management - stock and options, from inception to exit..

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We found TruEquity so easy to use that my team could be immediately productive and efficient, streamlining our processes and cutting our costs.

Dylan Smith Co-founder and CFO, Box

Katango Cap Table Software

TruEquity provides all of the necessary tools to successfully create and maintain a capitalization table that is both easy to use and cost effective.

Gregory Mappledoram VP Legal Affairs, Truphone

Dome9 Cap Table Software

We started using TruEquity when raising our seed round, and now we manage our Round B scenarios. It’s our "no-brainer" resource whenever someone says "cap table."

Zohar Alon Founder and CEO, Dome9 Security Cap Table Software

The TruEquity solution is so fun and easy to use that I want everyone to exercise their options (so I can play with it more).

Stephanie Ng Accounting Manager, Box

Katango Cap Table Software

TruEquity is easy to use by multiple staff members, yet robust and accurate for forecasting scenarios, presenting to the Board or communicating with our lawyers.

Yoav Shoham Founder and Chairman, Katango

Welcome to Cap.TAble:
Cap Table Management Software
for Israeli Private Companies

Your cap table is the most sensitive part of your financial infrastructure – and the devil’s in the details, especially when it comes to keeping accurate records of who owns how much of your company. Spreadsheets are a recipe for disaster, and most software solutions can either manage your options or your cap table – but not both.

With Cap.TAble, you always have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of your ownership data, in an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

  • Comprehensive view – your cap table and stock option allocation in one system of record
  • Role-based access – everyone sees just the information they need to see
  • Complete and easy workflow – generate grant documents, manage electronic signatures and filing , quickly and easily from your computer, with no hassle and no fear of confidential information being discovered on the printer or fax machine
  • Limited need for support – easy to use, intuitive
  • Designed for you – Especially tailored for the private company, large and small

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