Why Cap.TAble?

Cap.TAble, the complete cap table software for private companies -- from inception to exit.

Your cap table is the most sensitive part of your financial infrastructure. The devil’s in the details, especially when it comes to keeping accurate records of who owns how much of your company.

Spreadsheets are a recipe for disaster, and most software solutions can either manage your options or your cap table – but not both.

With Cap.TAble, you always have a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of your ownership data, in an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution.

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Streamlined Stock Management

With Cap.TAble you can easily track and model founders' shares, manage financing rounds - compute pre-money valuation, share price, holding percentage and total investment; convertible notes and options, and conversion at the next round of financing.

Reports, Imports and Exports enable quick creation of Excel or PDF reports. Format the reports, embed them in your presentations, compute your own summaries, or just email them as-is.

Our Audit Trail tracks and saves every version of the cap table from inception to the present, providing full transparency across all modifications. Automated rules and warning help you to keep compliant to $100K ISO, Rule 701 and more. Our Equity Ledger allows you to easily create and track shares certificates.

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Intuitive Stock Option Management and Workflows

Our streamlined, intuitive workflow guides you through all phases of employee grants, from the offer letter to board approvals, grant notice generation and electronic signatures. Plus, Cap.TAble keeps all documents in one secure location. Cap.TAble implements custom vesting schedules.

You can cancel, exercise, or accelerate options. Plus, you can instantly report on the summary status of the option pool to see equity vested, free or allocated – and itemize by employee.

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Planning and Analysis – What If Scenarios

Built-in models do the math at every step from entry to exit. Model future financing while compute pre-money valuation, share price, holding percentage and total investment.

Model liquidation events to graphically see who gets what for each valuation. Create multiple scenarios and compare them side-by-side. Every user can independently run what-if scenarios, create a summary cap table on the fly, and save data independently. Cap.TAble what-if planning drives smarter, faster decisions.

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Electronic Signatures

Cap.TAble has partnered with DocuSign for secure, auditable document signatures and tracking. From within Cap.TAble, generate and send grant and exercise notices to the employee and the company executive for signature.

Signatures are electronically collected and all signed documents are stored in Cap.TAble. Electronic signatures ease tracking and saves time.

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Easy Collaboration

Cap.TAble simplifies and accelerates interactions between legal counsel, investors, founders, company executives and accounting professionals, from day-to-day administration to due diligence to closing funding rounds.

Cap.TAble’s Single Source of cap table data gets everyone involved in managing ownership data on the same page. It eliminates error-prone paperwork and other version-control challenges.

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Accounting reports with Option Expensing and Disclosure

Easy step-by-step creation of Black & Scholes option expensing reports (aka 123r) and disclosures. Cap.TAble will guide you to provide fair values and milestones, compute historical forfeiture rate, and automatically obtain risk free interest rates and compute grant volatility. Our accounting module will create an excel report ready for auditing.

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Waterfall Analysis for a Complete View

Make complete proceeds waterfall analysis considering preferences and exercise prices. You can export the waterfall table to excel. Or see a graphic display of proceeds distribution, proceeds per valuation, or price per share per valuation.

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Accessible, Up-to-date and Secure Data

Your cap table is always current and accessible anywhere, anytime you have a web browser. Controlled, role-based views allow you to grant full or partial access among founders, executives, accounting professionals, investors, board members, legal counsel, and stock plan administrators.

By replicating and backing up your data real time, we minimize the risk of data loss. Our Amazon SAS70-certified cloud servers, 256-bit encryption and your own unique keys ensure complete data security and protection.

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Get Started Now For Free!
*Free offer is for the Founder package. Terms and conditions apply; see pricing page for details.

Everything you need to make the right cap table management decisions

  • What If Analysis

    Get insights on the effect of future rounds and vesting schedules

  • Convertible debt financing

    Models discount, valuation cap, interest, warrants coverage and multiple closings

  • Liquidation scenarios

    With liquidation preferences, anti-dilution provisions, and vesting

  • Real time ISO 100K warning

    Alerts when adding a new grant

  • Export and import

    Export various reports to Excel. Import your current employees' options

  • Date specific reporting

    See cap table and accrued employee vesting by date

  • Controlled access

    Let investors and other stakeholders see the latest approved version of the cap table with no edit privileges

  • As converted calculations

    Models comprehensive anti-dilution provisions

  • No installation

    Securely available from any browser

  • 256 bit data encryption

    Your data is encrypted on our secure servers with a key known only to you