Top 10 reasons to choose Cap.TAble

  • A Clear Picture

    Manage your cap table strategy accurately – and get a visual representation of who is entitled to what stock and where the money would flow in any scenario.

  • Streamlined

    Built-in workflow to make sure all steps happen in a timely, confidential manner - HR makes an offer, finance gets board approval, generates options paperwork, gets employee and company officer signatures, all properly filed. No option grant left behind!

  • Error-Free

    Go beyond spreadsheets to reduce errors, manage versions and run liquidation scenarios – everyone can see same data.

  • Timely

    Instantly produce a complete cap table for board meetings and due diligence inquiries.

  • Instant Option Expensing Reports

    Generate stock expensing (aka 123R) reports – compute historical forfeiture rates, automatically obtain risk-free interest rates and compute grant volatility. Produce financial disclosure reports.

  • Limitless

    Never hit limits as your cap table grows more complex. Track preferred, common, non-quals vs ISOs, vested, non-vested, secondary sales, convertible notes, multiple closing dates, flexible vesting schedules, stock splits, versioning, automatic emails to the trustees of the grant documents. Report on individual grants, weighted share calculations, complete waterfall analysis, what-if analysis, go back in time and more.

  • Global

    International Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) management – support plans in a number of geographic regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel.

  • Cost-Effective

    Transparent pricing model – Inexpensive, pay as you need at a fraction of the cost of larger providers.

  • Easy To Use

    Cloud-based solution puts power in the hands of those who need it – paralegals, finance, attorneys and investors – with no need for hours of training or expensive consultants.

  • Stress-Free!

    Sleep better at night knowing your cap table and options tracking are accurate and secure.

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